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Our mission is protecting and sustaining technical infrastructures through delivery of clean power to sensitive electrical loads.

CBG Technology is a master distributor of high performance Power Quality and lightning protection products.  Our business model is based on select distribution through channel partners. 

We offer Site survey support, evaluation,  training, sales and design support.  Our products improve systems performance and availability; and reduce operational maintenance and replacement costs.

Out Lightning Protection products offer the longest Unconditional Free Replacement Warranty in the industry including damage by lightning.

We carry complete product lines from Total Protection Solutions, Max Power,  Xtreme Power, Electro Industries and Mitsubishi Electric and others.

The critical need for monitoring Electrical usage, and or quality, and timely and accurate distribution of reports and alerts is on every Facility Managers and CIO's plate.
Power Standards Lab is leading the way to proactive, continuious power monitoring measurement and reporting of electric power disturbances.
​Power Quality Monitoring " Your pQube (to the right) is like the black box on an aircraft, if anything goes wrong it records all the details and and reports it"

CBG Technology offers a variety of Power Quality Based Classes tailored to your environment. Our goal is to help your organization position itself as a leader of power quality solutions with your clients. We are presently working with BICSI to certify our on-site power quality training for continuing education credit hours. 

Clean Power Systems


We offer superior products, on site training, sales  consulting and design support  to help our partners solve power quality problems for their clients. 

 CBG Technology  is committed to strong relationships with our customers, we understand you have many choices and hear from sales people all the time. We simply offer a foundation of excellence and integrity. From the products we represent to our interface with your clients, we know what’s important to you. 

High Effeciency Modular Upgradeable UPS Systems

Upgradeable in 10kVA increments up to 100kVA

Can be arranged in N+1 configuration 

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  • Industrial & Production
  • Poultry Farms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Schools
  • Grain Elevators
  • Tech Manufacturing
  • Saw Mills
  • Health Care
  • Point of Sale

Rack Mounted Modular Cooling

  • CoolCube 12 
  • Compact 12,000 BTU/hr can be rack mounted, hung from ceiling, stacked or used stand alone
  • Designed to efficiently cool hot spots at their source
  • XTREME P90L 
    • 6kVA - 10kVA
    • Rack or Tower Configurations
    • Hot Swappable Battery
    • 3 yr electronics and 3 yr battery warranty
  • XTREME T90 
    • 700VA - 3000VA
    • Tower
    • Smallest true ON Line UPS available

Online Emergency Lighting Inverter

Electron microscope image of transistor tracings damaged by low level electrical transients.

We've got you covered, from PLC's to data centers.

Single Phase On Line UPS  for Server, Phone & Security Systems


    1000VA- 3000VA

    • Rack, Tower or Wall mount
    • Infinitly scalable run time​​​​​
    • ​3 yr electronics and 3 yr battery warranty

Some of our most popular "clean power" products and innovations....

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-Small service entrance or distribution panel

  • TT2-065    65kA per phase protection
  • TT2-100   100kA per phase protection
    • Component level fusing & Filtering
    • 25 Yr unlimited free replacement warranty​​​​

 -Industrial Service Entrance

  • ST-240    240kA per phase protection
  • ST-160    160kA per phase protection
    • Component level fusing & Filtering
    • 30 Yr unlimited free replacement warranty​​​​

- PLC, Building management system, OEM & system integration microprocessor controls

  • LT 15A DIN2     20,000 amps per phase protection
  • LTE 15A DIN2  40,000 amps per phase protection
    • Dual level component level fusing
    • Enhanced transient filtering 
    • 15 Yr unlimited free replacement warranty​​​​

Surge Protection 

-Computer room PDU or Panel

  • LP-080    80kA per phase protection
  • LP-120   100kA per phase protection
    • Component level fusing & Filtering
    • Individually fused MOV's
    • Form C Dry relay contacts
    • Hybrid suppression technologies _ MOV and Enhanced transient filter (ul 1283 tracking filter)
    • 30 Yr unlimited free replacement warranty​​​​

Single Phase Line Interactive UPS  for workstation

  • XTREME S70 
    • 500VA- 2000VA
    • Tower 
    • Automatic voltage regulation
    • ​3 yr electronics and 3 yr battery warranty

Single Phase Standby UPS  small routers, switches, desktop PC's VoIP, phone systems & Point of sale  

    • 400VA- 800VA
    • Tower 
    • ​2 yr electronics and 2 yr battery warranty

Noise Filtering Common mode & normal mode noise filtering

ZONIT -Micro Automatic Transfer Switch

  • uATS-LV      120 Volts 12A
  • uATS-HV   208-240 Volts 8A
    • worlds smallest ATS
    • Solves problem of supplying A+B redundant power to single power supply devices
    • 3 Yr warranty​​​​

 Integrated circuits are every where today, super small and super sensitive (1/10th a human hair),  excess voltage  or current will burn the transistor tracings in chip sets....Learn more here