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Lightning Protection


Power Quality Systems


We  offer Power Quality Based Classes tailored to your environment. Our goal is to help your organization position itself as a leader of power quality solutions with your clients.

We are presently working with BICSI to certify our on-site power quality training for continuing education credit hours. 

Key Indistries

Partner Education

"We were in the process of installing our TPS Surge Filtration system, had several CNC Machines and disconnects done, we had another electrical event.... The machines with the filtration installed were completely protected, No damage!  Your system worked great! Thanks!..."  CNC laser cutting, punching & press shop

Clients Say It Best!

"Many of our poultry farms are in lightning rich environments, since partnering with CBG Technology we have installed hundreds of units and had NO damage to our systems.  They work great, protect our clients investment and are replaced free if damaged by lightning..." Poultry Supply Partner

CBG Technology is an Arkansas based company and master distributor of high performance power quality and lightning protection products.    

We offer solutions for poultry growers and processors, Industrial motor and control systems, process controllers and other sensitive equipment.

Our Lightning Protection products dissipate and remove harmful transient voltages and noise traveling on electrical and signal circuits. The result is improved systems performance and availability, reduced operational maintenance and replacement costs.

Our Products are made in the USA and offer the longest Unconditional Free Replacement Warranty in the industry including damage by lightning.  ​​

Key Products

Every client and every order counts, we offer superior products, on site training, sales consulting and design support. We sell products, but really we are in the service business.  

 I am committed to strong relationships with our customers, I understand you have many choices and hear from sales people all the time. I simply offer a foundation of excellence and integrity. From the products we represent to our interface with your clients, I know what’s important to you. 

  • Lightning Protection
  • Surge Protection EMI/RFI Filtering
  • UPS Systems
  • Power Quality Monitoring